Product Liability

Don't Suffer Without Compensation Because of a Defective Product

Our experienced product liability attorney will seek justice for your case in Chicago

Many new products are sold to the public every day, but there's no way to know if they've been properly tested. If you've been injured or gotten sick because of a defective product, get a liability attorney to hold the manufacturers accountable. The product liability case attorney at the Law Offices of John A. Culver will fight for your case in Chicago

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Common types of product defects

Wondering when you should enlist the expertise of our law team? You can rely on our product liability case attorney to fight for you when you've been personally affected by a product:

  • Design defects: the product's design is inherently unsafe
  • Manufacturing defects: there were mistakes made during the manufacturing or assembly process
  • Marketing defects: the product has improper labeling, poor instructions or inadequate safety warnings
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